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A Haven for Nature Lovers

Domes Retreat offers photographers, star gazers, wildlife lovers and bird watchers the opportunity to see and enjoy nature in it’s pure state without the influence of humans…

And without too many other guests around…

We are an exclusive retreat with very small guest numbers. It’s the perfect place to get close to the peace and quiet of nature without too many other guests around. Book now to stay with us and enjoy this experience for yourself.

In the meantime, we are proud to share the artistry captured by some of our previous guests that they have kindly shared with us…

The Night Sky

From a clear view of the night sky without light pollution to taking in the beauty of the Milky Way or meteor showers as they grace our night sky to simply watching a full moon rise over the horizon, Domes Retreat offers the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy the show of the night sky in a quiet and exclusive setting on the deck…

Weather permitting, of course!



For bird lovers, we have everything from small finches through to Australian natives and birds of prey. Pelicans and cormorants along with other bird species can be seen on Wivenhoe Dam along with the occasional swan (depending on the water level of the dam).

We also have a copy of ‘What Bird is That?’ for anyone who would like to know more about the birds they’ve seen.



For wildlife lovers, we have several species of wallaby and if you look closely enough, you’ll also find koalas.

There’s also local deer that roam the property and while they aren’t native to Australia, they are still a lovely sight for anyone who hasn’t seen one before.


Thanks to Gary Taylor, Danny Bassjar and Steve Wood for these lovely photos.

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