The Energetic Qualities of Geodesic Domes

Domes copy the fundamental shape of creation – the sphere.

Atoms, molecules, the earth, sun, stars, moon, etc. are all spheres which mathematically generate a point at the centre that creates stillness – the Bindu point of ancient meditation practice.

That’s not just those spheres, that’s all spheres.

Many healers use domes because they believe that this geometry helps reorganize the cells of the body, helping to improve health and creativity.

This is one of the reasons why so many of our guests find their stay at Weltevreden Domes Retreat so relaxing.

We have the 20ft (6m) domes on our property. From the outside, they look small, but inside, it’s like you’ve just stepped into the tardis….the dome shape allows for so much more space than a square room.

The energetic qualities of the 20ft dome are Nakshatra Avittam.

Here they are in more detail, courtesy of Pacific Domes Australia –

Avittam especially supports wealth and musical talent. It also supports unity and communication between individuals and groups.

Courageous action is also stimulated. Strong prosperity with high moral principles is emphasized. This wave length emphasizes great wealth, both spiritual and material.

It supports emotional stability and commercial success with inventive levels of creativity and new business ventures which pioneer into cutting edge technological fields, etc. It is good for dining and community gatherings.

This energetic frequency emphasizes order and that higher ideals and principles be followed in respect with the use of this building, so that the end results may be pure, balancing and healing to life in all of its forms.

This frequency may sometimes reflect our own unconscious negativity back to us in order to awaken our consciousness for healing, balancing and integration with our higher cosmic intelligence in feeling and in action.

Fearlessness (the ability of the deep inner perception to see through and beyond the illusions of fear-based motivations) is strongly emphasized and empowered. This supports positive decisions and actions which are both self empowered and which are compassionate in their considerations of the highest welfare of all beings.

Book your geodesic dome experience today and allow yourself to feel refreshed and inspired.

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